Curious about how to transform a photo into black and white? Struggling with different sliders in your photo editor? If your edits end up looking dull and gray, don’t worry. I have 7 ways to make this process easy for you.

Why Black and White?

Many people see black and white photos as old-fashioned, but they can actually reveal more details than color images. You can emphasize texture, focus on silhouettes, play with contrast, or add a retro touch with light noise.

How to Convert Photos to Black and White

Here are 7 programs that make the process quick and easy. Find the method that works best for you.

1. PhotoWorks

PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use photo editor for Windows and Mac. The interface is user-friendly, and you can convert images to grayscale with just one click. It offers vintage effects, and you can try the software for free.

2. Paint

If you prefer free programs, MS Paint can be helpful. It’s already installed on Windows 7 or higher, and while it may not offer advanced features, it can still get the job done.

3. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher, part of the MS Office package, can also handle image editing tasks. You can use it to convert photos to grayscale and design various projects like calendars and cards.

4. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editors and offers a comprehensive toolkit for photo retouching. You can bring creative ideas to life, including converting photos to black and white.

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is a mobile app available for Android and iOS. It’s user-friendly and offers powerful tools for editing photos, including converting them to black and white.

6. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor provides intuitive tools for enhancing photos. You can use presets, AI-powered tools, and filters to create beautiful black-and-white images.

7. LunaPic

LunaPic is a web-based image editor that can handle various tasks, including converting photos to black and white. You can access it on any device, though keep privacy concerns in mind.

Now that you know different ways to convert photos to black and white, choose the method that suits you best and start creating!